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Why Sports?

Fundamentals of Sports Classes will be offered throughout the school year covering the basic fundamentals of many different sports for children ages 5 through 18.  These classes will focus on each child learning the basic skills of the sport as an essential part of their education.  These classes are great to prepare students for team play, but that is not their most important role.  EVERY student should learn all of the sports taught as a part of developing motor skills and learning about sports.  The sports taught in this 2 year series of classes are all a part of the state of California's requirement for PE.  More importantly, every child needs to understand the basics in all of these sports.  These classes will give your child the knowledge and drills they need to practice on their own and gain a fuller understanding of the game.  All classes will include some physical conditioning.  It is our goal that your children both learn some skills and leave class tired!

It is important for our home schooled children to learn the basic skills and concepts involved in all of these sports.  Often parents avoid a particular sports class because their child "doesn't like that sport".  That is a good reason to not sign them up for a competitive team in that sport, but they should still learn the basic skills and concepts in all of these sports at a PE level.  This provides a well rounded education for our kids.  If our children didn't like doing subtraction we would not allow them to skip subtraction!  We make those decisions for them because we know better what they will need the long run. We don't force them to be an accountant if they hate math, but they still need a basic knowledge of math, so we tell them they must learn it even if they don't like it.  We should apply that same logic to their Physical Education.  They should learn the basic skills even if they think they may not like it because it is a life skill they need to understand.  All kids should learn to throw a ball properly, dribble a basketball, and hit a volleyball.  They will learn these essential skills in these classes.

Starting the week of April 17, 2017, Todd will teach a 7 week FENCING CLASS.  Another great class for your students to learn an excellent sport.  Fencing will teach your students discipline, coordination, be good physical work, and it is FUN!  Students will learn body position, footwork, attacks, parries.  It is a great opportunity to learn a sport that is hard to find, and it is a great deal financially!  Fencing lessons at a studio often cost over $100 for a single lesson!  Click on the FENCING link on the left for details.  This website is now accepting registrations for Fencing!

In the summer and throughout the year Todd is available for jetski rentals and water sports camps with his 21' Mastercraft ski boat.  You or your children or family and friends can learn to waterski, wakeboard, or just hang out in the boat for the day!  You and your children can also drive the jetski.  This is available to anyone including adults, friends, family members, regardless of schooling affiliation.  See the Water Sports page for more information, and call or email Todd to schedule.

Next school year Todd will teach BASKETBALL in the fall followed by SOCCER in the late fall.

To register for any of these classes go to the HOME page and click on the link on the left side titled REGISTER.  Classes will only be opened for registration when the previous class is well underway.  So if the class you would like to Register for is not on the registration page, it is not yet open for Registrations.  Check back 6-7 weeks prior to the start of the class. 

Finally, if you would like to have a class in your area or a class for your group and there is not one already close to you, contact Todd and he may be able to schedule a class specifically for your group or in your area if it is not already covered.  You can email Todd at or call him at 760-458-9753 (Cell).