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Please enter the following information to register your child for any classes or camps, and click the "Submit" button at the bottom.  To be included in the California Athletics database and receive emails on upcoming events please enter the General Information below, then skip down to the bottom of the form and click the "Submit" button without choosing a class site.  Choosing a class site enrolls your children for that class.  Please read this form carefully, fill in all requested information for the activities your are registering for, and make sure you click the "Submit" button at the bottom.   Please fill out the form separately for each child you will enroll.  This is not an interest list - this form is a registration for the class or camp you are choosing, so do not select a class site or team registration unless you are planning to attend.  If you select a class, team, or camp below, you are registering for that class or camp.

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Email Address:

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Will a Charter School pay for this class/sport?

Name of ISP, PSP, Support Group, or Charter School:

*Please note, if your charter school is paying, you must ensure the school issues the purchase order.  CAHS cannot get purchase orders issued from any charter school.  If the PO is received before the class starts, no payment or deposit is required.  Without a PO the first day of class a check will be required as a deposit until the PO is received.  Your deposit check may be deposited in the bank.



If you are registering for the 8 week Spring 2019 Track & Field Class in Southern California beginning the week of February 11. 2019, please select your site from the following locations.  See the bottom of this page for fees to send. The class is $100/student (cash/check) or a $105 Charter School PO for  the 8 week class.  ILA and HSCOC have registrations on their websites and separate semester fees.





The Track & Field MEET scheduled for Saturday May 12, 2018 in Escondido has been POSTPONED until a later date in June, date TBD.  Rain the night before the meet will make the dirt track UNUSABLE.  Please do NOT register or come down!  You will be emailed when a summer date is chosen. 



Reserved for future use. 



Make sure you click on SUBMIT at the bottom of this form!  Mail in your check for the appropriate amount to the address listed at the bottom of this page.



Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click on SUBMIT to send your registration.


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Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click on SUBMIT to send your registration.




  • If you are registering for any Southern California Baseball class, mail your check for $100 to the address below.  Please write your class site on the memo line of your check.  If you are with a charter school that is paying for your class, have a PO issued for $105 for your class, and have it issued to Todd Nash or California Athletics before the class starts.

  • If you are registering for an activity at the ILA campus in Aliso Viejo, send in your check for $220 for the semester Please write ILA on the memo line of your check.

  • If you are registering for the PE class at HSCOC or HSC Carlsbad, have POs made up for $120 the month of October, and $120 for the month of December, or send a check for $240 to cov er the whole semester.  You can also split the fee into 2 checks - $120 the first day of classes, and $120 the first class in November.

Mail payments to the following NEW ADDRESS:

Todd Nash, California Athletics

725 Karena Court

Vista, CA 92083


Please write on the memo line of your check what you are registering for.  


Your check will not be deposited until after the first class for fundamentals classes, after the teams are formed for a team sport, or after your class date is chosen for the water sports camp.  You will not be notified when we receive your check.  You will only be notified at the first class or practice if we do not receive your check.  If any classes are cancelled, you will be notified and your check will be shredded.




We cannot individually check each registration after you enter it, so please complete the registration and show up at the first scheduled class or event.  If there is a problem with the registration, we will fix it there at the class.


Click on the Submit button below to complete the registration.