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The fall basketball classes described here have been cancelled due to low enrollments.  The information below is left on the site for informational purposes. 



The fall, Todd will be offering a series of basketball classes in Northern California on Saturdays starting in mid October.   

The class will teach the basic individual skills in basketball as well as teaching some team play and some small group games.  Basketball is a sport EVERY child should learn at the basic level because it develops critical motor skills, coordination, rhythm, timing, and develops cross brain connections better than any sport.  They don't have to every play in a league, but every child should learn the basic skills in basketball, regardless of their athletic interests!  We don't ask our children if they want to learn subtraction or learn history - we make them learn those subjects EVEN IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT because we know they need it.  You should do the same with their physical EDUCATION!  Learning these physical skills is a critical part of their education.  These classes are planned and structured so every child will develop individual skills.  We don't just throw out a ball and have them try to play the game.  This is why they should all take this class!


Basketballs will be provided in 3 different sizes - 27.5", 28.5" and 29.5".  Todd will teach ball handling drills, dribbling drills and skills, passing, shooting technique, defensive positioning, and small group games.  It is a good class for students regardless of their skill level.  It is a good class for students new to the sport, as well as for those who have played many years of basketball to sharpen their individual skills. 




COST: The Basketball Class fee is $100 per student for a check or a charter school PO - a BARGAIN when it comes to

quality athletic instruction!  Todd is a vendor with most northern California charter schools who will pay for the class.



REGISTRATIONS are being taken on this website currently.  Go to the home page and click on REGISTER to sign up.  If you are with a charter school, have your PO issued after you register.  Tell your friends about the class and register as soon as possible to make sure we get enough registrations to hold each class site.


Locations & Directions: These are possible class sites for future classes, but these basketball classes have been cancelled.


9:00-10:30 San Jose: River Glen Park at the intersection of Pine Ave & Bird Ave in San Jose.  Meet at the basketball court on the south side of the park (on Pine). 


11:15-12:45 Pleasanton: Ken Mercer Sports Park at the intersection of Hopyard & Parkside Dr.  Take Hopyard south off 580 a little over a mile, turn left on Parkside Dr., then turn right into the park on Sports Park Dr, follow this to the end of the park and meet at the basketball court at the end.


1:30-3:00 Concord: John F Baldwin Park, Parkside Circle, Concord.  The basketball park is in the middle of the park behind a playground area.  Meet in the parking in front of that playground, closest to the basketball courts.


3:30-5:00 Berkeley: San Pablo Park, Park Street between Ward and Russell.  Meet at the basketball courts on Park Street.


6:30-8:00 (OR 4:45-6:15) Roseville: Maidu Regional Park, at the intersection of Rocky Ridge Dr & Maidu Dr.  Turn into the park on Maidu, then at the T turn right and meet at the LIGHTED basketball court!  (So we will be able to go after sunset!)  If a class scheduled for earlier in the day cancels we will move this class to the earlier time.


Click on REGISTER from the home page to sign up for the class.  Get your charter school POs set up or prepare your check for $100 per student.  Then watch your email for announcements as the class date draws close!  Todd will provide basketballs for the class sessions, and a 6' basket for younger players.  You will need to purchase an appropriate size ball for your student to practice with between classes.



After this fall's basketball classes, Todd is planning to teach Track & Field and Fencing classes in Northern California in the winter, spring, and early next summer.  Information about the FENCING Clinic is left on this page (below) to give you the details on that sport.  No dates or locations are planned yet for fencing but it is tentatively being planned for the winter after the basketball class.



FENCING:  Todd will be teaching Fencing Clinics in many sites in Northern California this summer.  The clinic will teach the basic skills in foil fencing including body position, footwork, attacks, right of way, and parries (defenses).  All students will start with the practice foil (as seen below) when learning the basic skills, and will quickly progress into using the foil and fence with another student (also seen in the pictures below).  All students will wear the standard protective gear when fencing with the actual foil.  This is a safe sport when done correctly with proper protective gear on.


The class is appropriate for students from ages 5 to 18.  Students will use implements appropriate for their age and size.  All equipment is provided - just bring your student in athletic gear ready to learn and have fun!




Equipment: No equipment purchase is required on your part for the classes.  Todd will provide all the necessary equipment.  If you would like to purchase your own equipment, Todd can refer you to a fencing supply company.  This class will give you or your kids the chance to experience fencing without a major investment on your part!  Participants should bring a handkerchief, scarf, or skull cap of some kind to wear under the mask when they fence with the protective gear on.  Masks will be shared by students in the club so everyone should wear something on their head under the mask (a scarf, bandana, or stocking cap).  It may be helpful if your student wears something with some padding such as a jean jacket, sweatshirt, or something to provide some more padding on the torso.  Fencing jackets are provided (along with fencing gloves and masks) which provide adequate protection, but some students may want extra padding on their torso.  Students can wear jeans, sweatpants, or shorts.  The sport is safe, and they will not get injured with the protective equipment on.  The class is open to boys and girls ages 5 and up, adult children, parents, relatives, etc.  Yes, mom and dad can be in the class with their kids!  Students from ANY school background may participate - pass the word to all of your friends. 




COST: For Fencing Classes the fee is $100 per student for a check or a charter school PO a BARGAIN when it comes to fencing instruction!  Check a local fencing center  for an hour of fencing with an instructor and gear included you will spend $100 or more for one session!


Schedule:  TBD.  Possible locations include San Jose, Palo Alto, Fremont, Pleasanton, Concord, Berkeley, Fairfield, Vallejo, Vacaville, Davis, Elk Grove, Roseville, and any other site where you can get a group of 15 participants together.  This is not just for kids!  It can be a group of adults, or any other age.  Mixed ages work fine.  Contact Todd if you would like to schedule a clinic for your area.


REGISTRATIONS will be available on the website when the clinic locations are determined, probably late winter or mid spring.  


What to wear:

Please have your kids wear laced up tennis shoes for all classes.  This is the only proper footwear for athletics.  Sandals or loose fitting shoes can cause injury to students.  Some events with implements students toes need to be protected from balls or other things being dropped on them.




Todd is available to come to many areas in Northern California for sports classes or clinics teaching basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, track & field, and fencing.  These classes can be conducted in any area of the San Francisco Bay area or the Sacramento area.  Todd can also bring the boat or jetski to do water sports days on the lake or river.  If you would like to have a clinic in your area contact Todd to discuss the details.


To talk to Todd about a possible class in your area, call or email:

Todd Nash

Email: CalAthletics@sbcglobal.net

Cell: 760-458-9753