Why Sports?
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Recently I have heard several reports from the medical community that should get our attention as parents.  One report I heard said that OUR CHILDREN'S GENERATION is the first generation in 200 years that is expected to live a SHORTER LIFESPAN than their parents! Cause: Lack of Physical Fitness, and Obesity. (The second is directly related to the first.)  The second report I heard said that Obesity has now overtaken smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death in America. Again, this is directly tied to physical activity, fitness, sports, etc.  It all came together for me with a quote I heard in a movie we watched recently. A literature and history professor said to his class, "THE END DEPENDS UPON THE BEGINNING."

As home schooling families, WE need to be particularly diligent that we do not allow our children to be inactive. They do not walk to school like many others, they do not walk around large buildings from class to class during school, they most often sit in the house during "recess" periods because we don't want the police or the neighbors to see them outside during the school day, and they don't have a required daily PE class that is a part of their routine. OUR CHILDREN ARE EVEN MORE AT RISK than those in group school settings!

We as parents need to ensure that they are involved in some type of physical activity. Sports instruction provides them with a skill they can use for the rest of their lives to maintain some level of physical activity and fitness. I spend my time focusing in the CAHS classes on mainstream sports for this reason. Most of our kids will not win college scholarships or play pro ball. But ALL them need to develop a lifestyle that includes fitness as a part of it, and sports provide one of the best ways to stay physically fit. I personally experience this. When I am involved in a sport MYSELF (not just teaching one), it pushes me at my older age to maintain a higher level of activity and fitness.

There are many things we do as parents with our children's future's in mind. This needs to be added to that list for their long term well being. We do not ask them if they feel like doing math or reading, and let them skip out on those areas if they don't feel like it. Neither should we let their feelings about fitness determine whether or not they participate in a sports class. We should make some of these decisions for them, for their best interests, as we do in many other areas of their life. It is much easier for us as home school families to have inactive children. We must put out extra efforts to ensure we overcome this. You do not have to take a class from CAHS, but you should ensure there is some type of physical training happening for their well being. 

California Athletics for Home Schools offer a full variety of Fundamentals of Sports Classes, designed to teach our children the basic skills in many different mainstream sports. These are sports that they can play the rest of their life; basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, track & field. These classes are currently offered in 18 sites in Southern California, and 20 sites in Northern California. There are also competitive sports leagues where they can play on a team with other home schooled children, against other home school teams.  These are just one option that is available to you, designed specifically for home schooled children, with only home schooled children involved. But there are many options out there - please pick one and get them playing!

Remember, "The end depends upon the beginning". If we want them to live long and healthy lives, some of that depends on what we have them do now, at the beginning!