Todd has taught Tackle Football Classes in many areas of southern California.  If you would like for your group to have a tackle football class for boys ages 12 and older, contact Todd to discuss the requirements.  Cost will vary by location but will be $200 or more per student.  


Todd can organize for your PSP, Support Group, Private School, Charter School, or any other group, a football program allowing your sons to learn and play tackle football without the high time commitment and cost of a standard football league.  This is available to your group in Northern OR Southern California.  Todd will provide all of the expensive equipment (shoulder pads, helmets, jerseys, footballs, blocking pads) and players will obtain their own pants, girdle, mouth-guard, and cleats. It will work like a Fundamentals of Sports Class or Clinic, teaching athletes the fundamentals of the sport.  For this class, they will learn the basic skills and concepts the first day and have gear issued that day.  Each day after that they will work on hitting skills: blocking and tackling.  We will play football games with whatever number of players we get, modifying the game and the field to work for that group.  Contact Todd for details. 


The cost is $200 per player or more depending on the number of students and the location.  Todd will provide the helmet, shoulder pads, and jersey.   Each player must provide their own football pants and girdle with pads, cup, mouth guard, and cleats.




This is not flag or touch football, but tackle football using all standard tackle football equipment.  Players will be taught proper blocking and tackling technique, offensive and defensive strategy (all players will play offense, defense, AND special teams), learn a series of offensive plays, and play the game!  There will not be any travel required to other cities for games, etc.  All practices and games will be at the site set up by your group.




To get more information or to schedule your group's football session, contact Todd by email or phone immediately:

760-458-9753 Cell