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In the fall of 2017 Todd Nash will teach an 8 week series of Basketball Classes in Southern California.  Each of these classes will meet one day of the week for 1 hour.  The class will teach the basic individual skills in basketball as well as teaching some team play and some small group games.  Basketball is a sport EVERY child should learn at the basic level because it develops critical motor skills, coordination, rhythm, timing, and develops cross brain connections better than any sport.  They don't have to every play in a league, but every child should learn the basic skills in basketball, regardless of their athletic interests!  We don't ask our children if they want to learn subtraction or learn history - we make them learn those subjects EVEN IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT because we know they need it.  You should do the same with their physical EDUCATION!  Learning these physical skills is a critical part of their education.  These classes are planned and structured so every child will develop individual skills.  We don't just throw out a ball and have them try to play the game.  This is why they should all take this class!


Basketballs will be provided in 3 different sizes - 27.5", 28.5" and 29.5".  Todd will teach ball handling drills, dribbling drills and skills, passing, shooting technique, defensive positioning, and small group games.  It is a good class for students regardless of their skill level.  It is a good class for students new to the sport, as well as for those who have played many years of basketball to sharpen their individual skills. 




COST: The Basketball Class fee is $95 per student for a check or $100 for a charter school PO - a BARGAIN when it comes to

quality athletic instruction!  Todd is a vendor with all southern California charter schools.


Schedule:  Each class will meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks for 1 hour on the schedule shown below. 


The schedule will be as follows:  TBD






If you would like a Sports Class or short term Clinic for your group, contact Todd and he will work with you to schedule one at your group site.


To sign up click on REGISTER, fill in the information, choose your class site, and click SUBMIT at the bottom.

Sign ups for fall classes will be available in June.



Basketball Drills

The following drills are taught to students throughout the class.  You can use this list to print and post somewhere your students can refer to it as they practice their skills each day.  These are not taught all on day 1, but will be taught progressively over the course of the first 5-6 weeks.  Do each of these drills for 10 repetitions to start with, and increase to 15 or 20 repetitions as you get faster and more proficient.


Ball Handling Drills: 

  1. Toss the ball back and forth high from right to left hand, keeping your palm OFF the ball, feeling the ball in the fingers.

  2. Toss the ball directly between the hands in front of the chest.

  3. Swing the ball side to side below your belt, then toss it back and forth low.

  4. Move the ball around the left leg 10 times each way.

  5. Move the ball around the right leg 10 times each way.

  6. Swing the ball from your front to your back, stop there, then swing it from back to front and stop.  Do it each way.

  7. Move the ball around the waist 10 times each way.

  8. With the legs wide, facing forward, move the ball in a figure 8 around each leg, forward, then backwards.


Standing Dribbling Drills:

  1. Dribble with the right hand in front of you.  Keep the ball at your belt height or below.

  2. Dribble with the left hand in front of you.

  3. Dribble back and forth between the right and left hand LOW, hand on the side of the ball.

  4. With the left foot forward, dribble twice on one side, under the left leg, twice on the other side, then back through.

  5. Repeat with the right foot forward.

  6. Dribble the ball in a circle around the body 10 times each way.

  7. With feet wide, knees bent, dribble the ball low in a figure 8 around the legs forward and backward.


Moving Dribbling Drills:

  1. Walk or jog while dribbling the ball with the right hand.  Go the length of the basketball court and back.

  2. Do the same dribbling with the left hand.

  3. Do the same dribbling back and forth between the right and left hands.


Passing Drills:  Pass the ball with a partner doing each of

  1. Chest Pass

  2. Bounce Pass

  3. Overhead Pass