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Fundamentals of Soccer Class

Soccer is the most commonly played game in the world, and has become one of the most participated in sports in the US.  Students should all learn the basics in soccer just for this reason, but also because it teaches great footwork, coordination, and athleticism.


Students will focus on learning the individual skills and rules of soccer, with some game playing such as 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and other smaller games for the latter half of the 8 week session to reinforce the skills learned.  We will start out the session with every student working with a ball individually, or working with a partner on passing and defensive skills.  Students will learn ball handling, passing, and basic soccer play with drills and some easy game playing, and will also do conditioning work each session.  Be aware, the sport of soccer involves running, so your children will be running during the classes!  There will be a wide variety of soccer drills and skill building games played, so your kids are sure to enjoy the class!




The soccer class is a GREAT class for your children to learn athletic skills while having fun.  Every student will have a ball the whole class, working on some skill.  This is a great class for younger kids to learn motor skills, beginning conditioning, coordination, and team play.  The class is suitable for those who have never played soccer or any other sport.  It is also a good skill refresher and builder for those who have played.  Many of your kids who play league ball never get time to work on fundamental skills with their teams, so this class will help them develop their skills.    


Three sizes of soccer balls will be brought to class - 3, 4, and 5, so children can train with a ball appropriate for their age and size.  Classes will be conducted outdoors in a park near your home, so students may need to dress warm in some areas where winter temperatures may be cooler.  Students may wear jackets and gloves for cold weather.  Students should wear athletic clothing, tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle.  Feel free to email or call with questions, but please do not  register for this class unless you intend to pay for and attend the class, and please read the website in detail to see if your questions are answered herein. You should plan to purchase a soccer ball for your children to practice between classes.  One ball for every 2 children is sufficient.  This is a critical element to their success - they will need to practice 15-20 minutes each day the skills we learn in class.  If they have cleats and shin guards, they can wear them, but they are not required for the class.  If you wish to purchase cleats or shin guards you can, but they are not required.




Cost: $100/student cash or check, $105 per student for charter school PO.


Requirements:  Wear tennis shoes, athletic shorts or sweatpants, and a T-shirt.   Cleats are not required, but they can wear them if they have them.  It is not necessary to buy cleats for the class, but if students own cleats they can wear them.  Bring your own water.


Schedule:  TBD






Please write the class site you will be attending on the memo line of your check!


If you are with a charter school which will pay for your class, contact your ES, EF, consultant, or teacher and have a purchase order or voucher issued for the class.  If I have a purchase order in hand prior to the start of class, I will not require a deposit.  The only way for you to ensure this as a parent is to have a copy of the PO to hand to me the first day in case I did not receive it.  I will have all POs that I have received in my possession at the first classes.  Without a PO in hand, you will be required to write a check that will be deposited for the class.  When I get a PO for the class and the charter school pays me, your deposit will be refunded.  This will likely not happen until the completion of the class.  So it is in your best interest to ensure that your charter school has the PO issued and in my hands prior to the first class, and you should bring a copy of it with you.  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure this is done.  CalAthletics cannot pursue individual purchase orders with charter schools.  Without a deposit check or PO no student may start the class.  Without a purchase order from the charter school, the deposit check will be used to pay the fee for the class.