Water Sports


If you have always wanted your kids to experience water sports, or have wanted to yourself, but have lacked the money, now is your chance!  California Athletics will be offering an affordable day with many activities you and your kids will enjoy.  If you have left over charter school money and want to spend it on something that will benefit your children instead of letting it go back to your school, why not take your kids out for an exceptional learning opportunity on the water?

There are many options available this summer, including the new addition to the water sports arsenal - the 21' open bow Mastercraft Ski Boat pictured here!  We can plan an outing at and California fresh water lake with the boat.  We can also plan jetski outings at any lake or bay/harbor in southern or northern California.

Boat 1.JPG     Boat 2.JPG

I am available for instruction in waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake skating, knee-boarding, or you can just ride in the boat!  I have a boom (see the picture below of the skier beside the boat) for dramatically reducing the time and difficulty to learn any towing sport.

Ski 1.JPG